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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal Quartz Singing bowls can help to enhance your quality of life, overall mental health, and sense of wellbeing.

Crystal Bowls are created to play a certain frequency, generally lighter in weight than their Tibetan singing bowl counterparts. They are best used when held by hand but if too big to hold then they emit the best sound when placed on a glass or marble floor.

The vibrations resonate and correspond to the seven chakras or energy centers on the body and help to heal the listener by bringing pure light through sound. The effects are multiplied when played through a high quality quartz crystal bowl, like this one.


Note C: Root Chakra Red Basic sex drive, fear and childhood trauma, and where Kundalini energy may lay dormant.
Note D: Navel Chakra, Orange, Center for processing and interpreting the emotional world around us.               
Note E: Solar Plexus Chakra, Yellow, Point of personal power and the expression of creativity.
Note F: Heart Chakra, Green, Gatekeeper to the higher chakras. This is the point where we take in and send out our love.
Note G: Throat Chakra, Blue, Center for communication, both outwardly with others and inwardly with ourselves.
Note A: Third-Eye Chakra, Indigo, Center for psychic and intuitive abilities.
Note B: Crown Chakra, Violet, Imagination and Higher Self.

  • Diameter: 7-8"
  • Brand Name: OlgaCrystal
  • Weight (lb): 4

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